Fine Line - Conditioning and Athletic Academy

Adult Fitness

At FineLine we offer various fitness programs to meet our clients varying needs. Our programs are offered in a one on one, private environment or in small groip classes. We create the program that is right for you whether you are a high end athlete, busy professional, weeked warrior, pregnant mom, mature adult or someone who is receovering from an injury. Your experience level can range fropm those who are new to fitness through to people who have trained all teir lives. Everybody's needs are different and aour professional training staff are experts at program design and deliver that is right for you.

All Adult Fitness clients are asked to complete an initial Fitness Assessment. WE use the assessment todetermine your physical strengths, limitations and goals. This information is then translated into a program for each participant and will be adjusted on a regular basis to ensure progress and safety.

At FineLine we do not believe in fitness contracts or memberships. We want you to train with us because you are seeing results, enjoying the atmosphere and feel you are getting the service you deserve. You merely pay the month in advance, with no other obligations.

Group Fitness rates are based on frequency and we have several options available to fit your busy schedule and budget. Corporate discounts are available for groups or teams wishing to exercise together. We have flexible payment options and monthly statements are provided. We will even send you email session reminders to keep you on track!