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Group Training

Group Training

FineLine's Group Training programs focuses on individual needs in a small group environment providing an atmosphere which encourages both support and motivation.

Each training session is based on the group and individual results from the previous session. This creates an exciting training program which never becomes repetitious, but instead remains fresh and inspiring. Areas of focus include balance & stability, core strength, mobility and movement, endurance and recovery.

Enjoy greater strength, better posture and increased endurance. FEEL BETTER, MOVE BETTER, LOOK BETTER!

Flexible schedules allow you to choose your training times to suit your busy schedule. Your success is our priority!


Mon-Fri  6:00am  Coed 

M/W/F   6:30am  Coed

M/W/F   7:30am   Mens

M/W/F   8:30am   Coed

Mon-Fri  9:30am   Coed

Mon-Fri 12:00pm  Coed

Tue/Thu 3:30pm Coed

M/W/F   4:30pm   Coed






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$100.00 + HST

Initial Athletic Evaluation

FineLine's Initial Athletic Evaluation and assesment is a required step to participate in our Adult Fitness Programs. The evaluation the information that will assist us in achieving your athletic goals in a safe, yet applicably intense environment.