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Personal Training

Personal Training

FineLine's Personal Training program is focused on achieving the busy professionals' health and fitness goals in a one on one environment. This allows for incremental focus and detail in achieving your goals while allowing more privacy and a schedule tailored to your professional and business demands.

Whether you are training for a marathon, recovering from an injury or simply prefer more personal attention, our highly qualified fitness professionals will tailor a program specifically for you. We also work closely with K-Town Physiotherapy and can incorporate any of your physical limitations into your training.

Program Areas of Focus:


Each training session is based on the results from the previous session. This creates an exciting training program which never becomes repetitious, but instead remains fresh and inspiring. Your personal trainer will conduct semi-annual testing and provide feedback to ensure you are excelling in your efforts.

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$80.00 + HST

Personal Training - One on One

One hour Personal Training session.
$100.00 + HST

Initial Athletic Evaluation

FineLine's Initial Athletic Evaluation and assesment is a required step to participate in our Adult Fitness Programs. The evaluation provides our staff with information that will assist us in achieving your athletic goals in a safe, yet applicably intense environment.